New Protocols for Staff & Patients of SOMA Active Health

Working together to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus

In an attempt to create a safe environment for our staff as well as our clients the team at SOMA Active Health has been working tirelessly on our re-opening strategy and have designed guidelines to be followed by staff and our patrons in order to help make it a smooth transition. (These protocols may change and vary as BC’s Restart Plan moves forward)

This process will take time and effort from both our staff and the wonderful patrons of our clinic but together we can get through this!!

What SOMA is doing to keep everyone safe:          

  • Strict cleaning & sanitizing of all surfaces of the clinic including communal areas & treatment rooms. Treatment rooms will be thoroughly disinfected between treatments as will all high volume surfaces.
  • We have adjusted our scheduling system to allow for more time for cleaning between treatments and also for better flow of patients and staff through the clinic. This will ensure that there is ample space for proper social distancing in the communal areas of the clinic.

*** Due to these new required booking adjustments, practitioners will currently not be able to work at full capacity and will have fewer appointments available per week.

  • Staff will apply Covid-19 Self-Assessment daily and will continue to practice social distancing in the clinical setting and in their personal lives.
  • Staff will use only their own computer/tablet to do all billing, charting, rebooking and will wipe the device between treatments.
  • Payment will be received through either the Tap function on the POS machine or e-transfer to decrease cross contamination of the payment machine. Machine will be wiped thoroughly every time it is used.
  • When a treatment is complete, all rescheduling of further appointments will be done in the treatment rooms, or through email or our online booking system. The front desk & waiting area of the clinic will no longer be in use.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in every room of the clinic
  • Staff will stay informed and up to date on all practices and policies surrounding the Covid-19 virus as well as any other flus/colds and will implement all that is required of them by Health Canada and the PHO.
  • SOMA Active Health will operate with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to provide a safe clinic experience for patients and staff.
  • Staff will wear PPE and will have paper masks for their patients.  Patients should bring their own mask to the clinic if it makes them more comfortable.
  • Staff will diligently change all linens between treatments and will have linens cleaned regularly.
  • Staff will be practicing clear and thorough screening of their own health and that of the patient on the day of treatment. Should the screening produce any suspicious symptoms, treatment will be canceled and rescheduled after the person has had a sufficient time to quarantine.

What we need from patients to help us maintain a safe clinic environment:

  • Patients must NOT attend appointments at SOMA if they or anyone in their household are experiencing ANY of the symptoms of Covid-19 including:







    ONSET OF NEW OR UNUSUAL MUSCLE PAIN (Muscle aches such as from a flu)


  **It is imperative that the patients answer the questions asked during the pre-treatment screening honestly & thoroughly.

Our cancelation policy will be eased to allow for cancelation due to sickness.

  • Patient must disclose if they or anyone in their household has recently traveled outside of BC & whether or not they have done a proper post travel quarantine.
  • Upon arriving at the clinic please remain in your car or outside the building until your practitioner calls/texts you or opens the door for you to come in.
  • Please bring a mask with you to the clinic. We will have masks available at the clinic for a small fee.
  • Please leave all bags, extra clothing in the car and just enter the clinic with the essential items needed.
  • Please have a water bottle in your car to use after your treatment as water will no longer be provided at the clinic (this may change over time)
  • Please practice social distancing while in the clinic.