PHASE 3 Protocols for Staff & Patients of SOMA Active Health

Working together to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus

What SOMA is doing to keep everyone safe:          

  • Strict cleaning & sanitizing of all surfaces of the clinic including communal areas & treatment rooms. Treatment rooms will be thoroughly disinfected between treatments as will all high volume surfaces.
  • We have adjusted our scheduling system to allow for more time for cleaning between treatments and also for better flow of patients and staff through the clinic. This will ensure that there is ample space for proper social distancing in the communal areas of the clinic.
  • Staff will apply Covid-19 Self-Assessment daily 
  • Payment can be received through either the Tap function on the POS machine or e-transfer to decrease cross contamination of the payment machine. Machine will be wiped thoroughly every time it is used.
  • We will continue to reduce the use of the waiting room/ reception area so we ask that patients arrive only a few minute before their treatment time.  For security reasons our front door will be locked if we are in treatment, but if we are between treatments it will be unlocked for you to come in and have a seat.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in every room of the clinic
  • Staff will stay informed and up to date on all practices and policies surrounding the Covid-19 virus as well as any other flus/colds and will implement all that is required of them by Health Canada and the PHO.
  • SOMA Active Health will operate with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to provide a safe clinic experience for patients and staff.
  • PPE is now optional in the clinic, but if staff will happy wear PPE if this is preferred by the patient and we will have paper masks for patients if needed for a fee of $2.  
  • Patients should bring their own mask to the clinic if it makes them more comfortable.
  • Staff will diligently change all linens between treatments and will have linens cleaned regularly.

What we need from patients to help us maintain a safe clinic environment:

  • Patients must NOT attend appointments at SOMA if they  are having signs symptoms of communicable disease.
  • Our cancelation policy will be eased to allow for cancelation due to sickness.
  • We will continue to reduce the use of our waiting room and reception area, so please arrive close to the time of your appointment.  The front door will be locked if practitioners are in treatment.
  • Please practice social distancing while in the clinic.