Kevin graduated from Victoria’s West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2021.  A lifelong athlete and explorer, Kevin finds joy and expression in movement.  A background in basketball, strength training, and swimming led him into a committed movement and meditation practice which sparked his interest in human anatomy, and ultimately Massage Therapy.  With a humble and open minded approach, Kevin seeks to connect with clients through commonalities and a sense of community.  Kevin has found movement combined with periods of functional rest as a positive tool for both physical and mental growth, and he would like to work with you to facilitate your own sense of growth, whatever that may be. Kevin’s current interests are ocean swims, martial arts, trail running, meditation and music.  After being shown so many healing and learning modalities throughout life by skilled and compassionate teachers, Kevin is inspired to share these skills with you through manual therapies and homecare. Fascial release, Swedish massage, stretching, deep breathing and range of motion will all be utilized in treatments to suit your needs.