Evan Lillian Jeary, RMT

Evan graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s three year program in Victoria, B.C. She has worked full time since becoming registered in 2005. While Evan enjoys a diverse practice treating a wide spectrum of conditions from headaches to chronic back pain to stress related tension, her passion lies in treating scar tissue. Injury, surgery and cancer treatment can result in scars that restrict mobility, adhere to other structures, and cause pull and itch. Various hands-on techniques that focus on connective tissue can markedly reduce the restrictive behaviour of scars and it is this work that Evan finds most rewarding both for herself and her patients. Evan has taught connective tissue and scar tissue release at the West Coast College of Massage as well as to fellow RMT’s as continuing education. Working alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other health practitioners has led Evan to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to healing for her clients. From previous endeavours, Evan brings to her practice a knowledge of pharmacology and holistic health practices. She has also been an avid yogini since 1994 and loves to help her patients find the perfect stretch. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, she has called Victoria home since 1989, loving all it has to offer from scenic hikes to brew pubs to the ups and downs of being a Canuck fan! For further information on scar tissue release therapy please visit www.victoriascartherapy.ca